Keep Your Jacksonville Home Protected From Pests All Year Long

Doorbell security systems can’t stop these home invaders. No, these common pests will make a way where there is no way or where there seemingly isn’t. Whether it’s through chewing their way inside, crawling in through windows or doors, or squeezing through cracks and holes around the exterior of your home, pests can come inside and begin their work of spreading bacteria and destroying your things with you none the wiser.

Keep reading to learn more about common home invaders in Jacksonville, the problems they can cause, and the best pest protection method.

Common Home Invaders In Jacksonville

The most common pests are, many of them, the most dangerous. However, a few, like ants, are more annoying than dangerous.

Ants are pretty common home invaders, but they come in many different shapes and sizes. Fire ants, odorous house ants, sugar ants, Pharaoh ants, and more can march through the tiniest of cracks and take up residence in your kitchens. Effective ant control can sometimes be difficult because of the tiny gaps they can easily fit through. While many don’t carry diseases, they can still sting in some cases and be a major nuisance.

Next, flies. There are so many types of flies and an equal number of problems they can cause. Whether it’s drain flies, blow flies, house flies, or fruit flies, these annoying pests can be dangerous spreaders of disease. From the garbage to the food they fly, transferring whatever they pick up along the way right into our dinners and countertops.

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Other common invaders include cockroaches, house mice, both subterranean and drywood kinds of termites, and bed bugs, all of which bring significant cause for anxiety into your home with them.

Problems Pests Can Bring To Your Jacksonville Home

Diseases are the most important consequence of having pests indoors. Most of the time, they track the bacteria onto your counters or transfer them to your food, but sometimes they can be transmitted through touching their corpses or feces. Between cockroaches, mice, and many types of flies, there are potential diseases such as dysentery, cholera, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, typhoid, and epidemic conjunctivitis.

After the health risks, there are safety and property damage risks. Mice can chew through materials like rubber, vinyl, wood, and soft metals. Both kinds of termites can cause hazardous damage and collapse in your home. Worst of all, damage from these pests can go unseen for years. Seeing signs of termites in homes may be an indication of long-term damage, and a bed bug infestation left to grow for too long may wind up with expensive-to-replace mattresses abandoned by the dumpster.

With all of these risks combined, it’s obvious that natural pest control for bed bugs, effective ant control, termite protection, and the many more services your local pest control company can offer are well worth the expense.

Jacksonville Home Pest Control Can Help Get Rid Of Pests

Extermination and control services from Trad’s Pest Control can give you immediate peace of mind and relief from the annoyances of pests inside your home. If you prefer eco-friendly methods like natural pest control for bed bugs, Trad’s Pest Control wants to accommodate your requests.

Oftentimes, those who are desperate to get rid of pests will use DIY or over-the-counter methods in an attempt to get some peace, but these methods can end up making your pest problem worse, and they aren’t dealing with the source of the problem. Not to mention the risks to yourself, your pets, and the environment when using poisons for DIY pest control.

Seeing signs of termites in homes, or spotting other home invaders is the greatest indication that your home is at risk of damage and disease. Don’t hesitate when you see home invaders – leave it to the professionals for immediate relief from annoying and dangerous pests.

Jacksonville Home Pest Control Can Prevent Pests

Pest prevention is the most effective form of control against home invaders. Pests come indoors for a reason, and usually more than one reason. Fortifying your home against pests means getting rid of the things that attract them to your home in the first place and making it hard for them to come inside. With guidance from Trad’s Pest Control, you can take back control of your home and protect yourself from pests through every season.

With Trad’s Pest Control, our pest-free guarantee is built on thorough interior and exterior inspections, preventative and spot treatment, and follow-ups that will help keep your home continuously pest-free. For top-of-the-line pest control in Jacksonville, you can call Trad’s Pest Control and schedule your first inspection today.

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