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Nancy Furnas Avatar

David King handles the spraying of our yard. He comes out right away if we have problems. He is thorough, polite and efficient. He deserves 5 stars

Nancy Furnas 2 months ago
Amanda Souza-Ribeiro Avatar

Rory and Tiffany ( Nikki ) are always responsive . I love that fact he let me know he was here before performing services and then notified me on findings and tips on what to do !

Amanda Souza-Ribeiro 3 months ago
Precious Nesmith Avatar

Great work thanks again đŸ™‚ see you next go round.

Precious Nesmith 3 months ago
Carole Leidenfrost Avatar

I appreciate Byron coming out at the requested time so I could show him my concerns. He answered all my questions and was patient with an old lady who is trying to have a perfect lawn in a not so perfect world. Thank you Trads for putting up with me.

Carole Leidenfrost 3 months ago
Carmel Buchanan Avatar

Communicated clearly what he was doing, what he would do in the future and gave me some ideas on some other products for my lawn. Very pleasant and helpful!

Carmel Buchanan 3 months ago
Helen Balz Avatar

Trad’s has always given us excellent service. I love that they send a text reminder the day before they service your lawn, so you can plan with your pets accordingly. And if I see a concern with the lawn, they are usually there to check it out within 24 hours.

Helen Balz 3 months ago
Fred Wagner Avatar

Ivan called me the day after the service to address my concerns that the service was done without making contact with me so as I was not able to discuss my weed issues. We had a good conversation and he said he would do a re-check visit in a week. I have met Ivan before and am glad he is... read more

Fred Wagner 3 months ago
Jan Ward Avatar

Hein is extremely professional and efficient. He is the second exterminator we have had and by far the best. He sprays areas the other one never got. Love his smile when he arrives. Keep sending Hein.

Jan Ward 3 months ago
Chris Nichols Avatar

Bryan Hakes is very knowledgeable, helpful and very skilled.

Chris Nichols 3 months ago
Judi Gordon Avatar

Trad’s is always professional and keeps me informed .

Judi Gordon 3 months ago
Cindy May Avatar

The technician is very friendly and from what I can tell, he is doing a great job!

Cindy May 3 months ago
Eddie Bayouth Avatar

We love our guy, he is the best!!!

Eddie Bayouth 3 months ago
Jamie OBrien Avatar

Erica is a breathe of fresh air, when I call in about my account or to discuss lawn care for my yard. She is a rock star and continues to be my primary contact. ATTN MGMT - You need to give Erica a raise. IF you don't take care of her you will lose her to the competition!

Jamie OBrien 3 months ago
Heather Smith Avatar

Very professional and knowledgeable! Rory treated my home with care, and I appreciate how thorough he was. The office staff was very kind and responsive with helping me get signed up and getting me scheduled quickly! Thank you Trad’s!

Heather Smith 3 months ago
helen willoughby Avatar

Arthur, our new service provider, was attentive and listened to my instructions on areas of our yard to avoid spraying. He was polite and friendly and did a good job.

helen willoughby 3 months ago
Sarah Altmeyer Avatar

Hien C. is very professional, friendly, and efficient!

Sarah Altmeyer 3 months ago
Elizabeth Griffey Avatar

David, trained by Bryan, now takes care of us--and he does it well. Thanks, David, for being responsive and responsible--and friendly! Bryan is an excellent technician. He responds quickly if I have problems and often notices problems before I do. His service is thorough and friendly. Thank you, Bryan! Another round of applause for Bryan. He always responds to my... read more

Elizabeth Griffey 3 months ago
Katina Evans Avatar

Rory was able to go straight to the problem area and install the baits, and I knew right away I picked the winning team to treat my termite problem. Thanks again for providing top quality service. I will definitely recommend your service to others.

Katina Evans 3 months ago
44bigjohn Avatar

Rory showed up exactly on time and in a very professional and experienced way explained that what l had thought were termites were in fact carpenter ants. A great relief to me and my wife. If you think you have bad in-the-wall house guests I would recommend giving them a call! Technician Chau has done the hands-on extermination. He shows... read more

44bigjohn 3 months ago

Pho was very informative and professional. He addressed our Sod Webworm issue expeditiously. He was a pleasure to work with.

RANDY FREDERICK 4 months ago