Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Jacksonville Business

The types of pests you can expect on your business property depend on your kind of business. Some businesses are more obviously at risk than others, such as restaurants, but even office buildings can be in danger of pests that cause loss of work, product, or reputation.

Having pests isn’t necessarily a sign of a sanitation or maintenance issue, as often, pests are simply a result of many people gathering in one place. That doesn’t mean that business owners don’t have a responsibility to act and protect their employees and customers against these pests with commercial pest control services. Keep reading to learn more about the types of pests invading Jacksonville businesses, why they come inside, and the damage they can do to your business.

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Types Of Pests Invading Jacksonville Businesses

There are several pests more likely to invade a business, no matter the property type. Some pests that come onto your property are more of a nuisance, but others can be a significant threat to the health of your customers, employees, and your bottom line.


Rodents are the most persistent and dangerous pest associated with commercial pest control services. Rats and mice are chewers, so the phrase, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is especially pertinent in their case. Where there isn’t a convenient pathway, rodents can create one if the reward is great enough. Mice and rats are also some of the most dangerous vectors of diseases that could come into your business. They carry diseases like rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis.

a rat on the counter


A second common pest, which is often underestimated, is the fly. Many types of flies can pose significant health threats, especially where food is served. While fruit flies and other smaller species aren’t disease carriers in themselves, they can easily transfer bacteria and salmonella from surfaces to food. Other, more dangerous types of flies like house flies and horse flies can spread diseases like dysentery, leprosy, and cholera.

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Bed Bugs

A less common but severe pest, especially prevalent in office settings, is the bed bug. Bed bugs are hitchhikers who don’t discriminate about who they make their host. If one person has them, even unknowingly, they can bring a plague of bed bugs upon an entire office unit that can put people out of work as they deal with the infestation.

Pest control to kill bed bugs and regularly sweep for them is an essential insurance contingency for your business. If businesses owners knowingly allow bed bug-infested employees to come to work and don’t properly eliminate the pest, they could become liable.

Whether it’s pest control to kill bed bugs, services to get rid of mice and rats, or general check-ups and pest control, it can only benefit your businesses to be on good terms with the best commercial pest control company in Jacksonville, Trad’s Pest Control.

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Why Pests Invade Jacksonville Businesses

Pests can invade businesses for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are that food and water are readily available and that it’s not difficult to get inside. Factors that attract pests indoors include:

  • Open doors and windows
  • Cracks and holes around the building
  • Improperly stored or disposed-of trash
  • Improperly stored food
  • Poor sanitation
  • Pre-existing presence in shipments
  • The business’ proximity to a dumpster
  • Standing water, leaking pipes, or excess moisture

Without the proper knowledge, it may feel difficult to remedy all the potential causes for pests in your business. Fortunately, you have no need to fear. If you need guidance on fortifying your business against pests and assessing for risks, your local pest control company can help.

Pests Are Bad For Jacksonville Businesses

Whether it be health and safety risks, threats to your product, or hazards to your reputation, having pests in a business is not worth the risks.

Not only can pests on the property cause employees or customers to contract an illness that may harm them or cause them to leave bad reviews and encourage others not to go to your business, but sick days and discouraged employees can harm the health of your business by losing the trust, loyalty, and reliability of your workers. The costs of pest control are more than worth protecting your employees, customers, product, and reputation.

Commercial Pest Control In Jacksonville Is Essential

Getting rid of mice, rats, and other dangerous pests also protects the community surrounding your business. Jacksonville’s best commercial pest control company is ready to fortify your business against pests and be on stand-by for your pest emergencies.

Trad’s Pest Control has been providing quality services for more than 50 years in this community, and we’re dedicated to continuing to keep homes and businesses safe from invading pests. Call Trad’s Pest Control today to schedule your first inspection and start a relationship that will protect your business long term.

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