Jacksonville is home to gorgeous golf courses with lawns that are the dream of every homeowner. Trad’s Pest Control in Jacksonville offers complete lawn care service. We offer a variety of services to help your lawn look inviting as well as a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Which Pests Destroy Jacksonville Lawns?

Bugs and insects threaten to vandalize the lawn we took such care to grow and develop. Here are some of the pests that can become a nuisance if not treated:

  • Army Worms: These bugs are not enlisted! Army worms eat grass blades and stems and other plants as well. They sleep when it is sunny and will feed in the early morning dew or later at night.
  • Chinch Bugs: Chinch Bugs damage lawns from June to September when they’re actively feeding. First, patches of your lawn seem to have a purple tint and then will dry out and wither.
  • Cutworms: Cutworms burrow during the day and later feed on the grass by eating the entire stem. This can devastate a short lawn.
  • Grubs: Their damage begins with signs of wilted grass and barren brown patches.  Skunks, crows, or moles on your lawn mean grubs.
  • Sod webworms:  These critters eat grass blades and stems, leaving brown patches.

Maintaining a healthy lawn in the humidity of our part of Florida is a daunting task. Adding destructive pests ruining the lawn can have you feeling desperate. Luckily, the team at Trad’s Pest Control can help noticibly improve your lawn over time so that you can be proud of your lush, green yard.

What Is Lawn Care?

Our lawn service includes shrub care, weed control, and grub control. We offer a variety of services to enhance your home’s curb appeal. In addition to our 24-hour professional web chat service, we provide:

  • Treatment and re-treatment services performed regularly or on an as-needed basis
  • Disease prevention to fight a multitude of potential threats
  • Professional and knowledgeable advice on how to best care for and maintain your lawn between services
  • Fertilization
  • Custom add-on services tailored to your specific lawn care needs

Lawn care consists of maintaining the health, color, and vitality of your lawn over time. Busy homeowners do not have time to work in the yard all weekend! Let the expert team at Trad’s Pest Control help you so you can enjoy your leisure time.

How Often Should I Get My Lawn Treated?

We recommend that homeowners invite us for a free estimate where we will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to ascertain the exact needs of your lawn. Then, we treat the lawn and return every other month to maintain our high-quality standards.

Is Lawn Care Bad For My Pets?

Store-bought pesticides and fertilizers can be dangerous to your feathered and furry family members. With Trad’s Pest Control Service,  we use EPA-approved solutions that are low risk to your pets and aligned with Integrated Pest Management Techniques. That said, we not only treat and aerate your lawn, we also offer lawn care strategies to keep your lawn healthy in the long run.

You want your lawn to look fantastic and be safe for the kids and the pets; we want the same thing. Our pest control team cares deeply about making your lawn the best it can be; we are your neighbors and want the Jacksonville area to stand out. We take pride in our efforts to maintain your lawn to the standard you expect and deserve. Don’t hesitate. Reach out to Trad’s Pest Control to learn more about our lawn care services.