It would be great if there were certain months of the year where pests weren’t a problem at all. But, alas, while some pests can be more active in the warmest months of the year, the reality is that pest problems in Jacksonville occur throughout the year.

Certain species become more of a concern in the summer months and others in the winter, and, in a temperate place like Jacksonville, pest problems are even more of a concern. Find out how you can protect your home from pests in this guide.

What Problems Do Pests Cause?

Some pests, like rodents, invade homes in search of food and shelter, while others, such as spiders, enter homes while in pursuit of their prey. Some species, like many ants, are more of an invasive nuisance, while others, like cockroaches, can be extremely dangerous.

This list includes just some of the many issues pest infestations can cause:

  • Rodents can damage property as they chew through many different materials like drywall and plumbing.
  • Cockroaches and rodents can spread many illnesses, including salmonella and gastroenteritis.
  • Many pest species can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  • Stinging insects can cause allergic reactions and other health concerns.
  • Some spider species have dangerous venom that can impact people and pets.

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Work

It’s common for homeowners to try to remove pests on their own, but this is usually not effective. Many people try to address pest problems as they arise, preferring to handle them on a case-by-case basis. However, this approach is a flawed one.

The simplest and safest way to protect your home from pests is to take a preventive approach instead, not one that is always trying to fix problems after the fact. Pests are much harder to remove once they are inside your house, and prevention can reduce the many potential health and safety risks.

The other truth is that most DIY pest control methods just don’t work that well. Traps, baits, and insecticides might get some of the individuals, but they rarely eradicate the entire infestation. Some of these options can also be dangerous, especially if you have children or pets around.

Why Professional Plans Are Safer & More Effective

The residential pest control options at Trad’s Pest Control are eco-friendly and safe for you, your family, and your pets. Our technicians have the training, professionalism, and dedication to deliver the results you’re looking for and keep your home free of pests year-round.

With us, you will get a free inspection to assess your home, an initial application of treatments, quarterly treatments of the perimeter of your property, and pest-specific treatments throughout the year. We also will offer follow-up treatment if necessary.

Get Started Protecting Your Home Today

If you’re tired of difficult pests appearing around your Jacksonville home, don’t worry. Trad’s Pest Control is here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our pest plans and how they can work for you.

We use organic products that aren’t risky to have around, so you can feel at ease knowing pests are being eradicated without hurting people or the environment. Find out more by giving us a call today to book your inspection.