April is typically when our Northeast Florida pest control team starts receiving calls about large groups of little white or grey wingless insects. They jump as you walk through the yard or find their way into your swimming pools or homes. These tiny occasional pest invaders are springtails.

Springtail Identification

There are two prominent body shapes for springtails, linear and bulbous, and more than 650 species in North America and 3,500 species worldwide. You’ll recognize these small insects by a forked tail on their abdomen that allows them to leap (about 4 inches) through the air when they feel threatened or disturbed, which is where they get the name: springtail.

The springtail diet consists of plant materials, both living and dead. They don’t bite or spread diseases, and are deemed pests because of their large numbers. Springtails breed year-round and flourish in humidity, which is why Florida is a prime habitat. Moist soil is one of the main habitats for springtails, so be careful not to overwater your plants inside and out.

Springtails are often found outside, but it’s not uncommon to see them in your home, especially with temperatures rising. They usually enter the home in the soil of a potted plant, so be sure to check before bringing it inside. They’re also attracted to light, so light sneaking through windows and cracks under doors may also be a factor to them entering the home. Be sure to seal any cracks to prevent humidity and bugs from invading your home.

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