Many homeowners don’t realize that spider control begins and ends with total pest control in Jacksonville. Local spiders in our area only have one reason to enter your home: they can get easy, consistent prey. The best way to get rid of spiders in your home is to first deal with all the other bugs on your property that spiders are feeding on. Although this may sound tricking to accomplish, it’s much simpler than you might think.

Read on to discover the simple methods that will repel spiders away from your home and how Trad’s Pest Control can help you overcome an infestation of these pests on your property.

The Kinds Of Spiders You Can Find In Jacksonville

There are many types of spiders in our area. While all spiders are venomous, the overwhelming majority of local spiders cannot do more than inflict a bite that feels like a bee sting. Bites may hurt at first and later itch, but they are often nothing to worry over. Here are common harmless types of spiders you could run across in your home:

  • Cellar Spiders
  • Crab spiders
  • Orb-weaver spiders
  • Sac spiders
  • Wolf spiders

The one exception to the general rule that area spiders are harmless is the black widow spider. Black widows have strong venom and can inflict a powerful bite. Adult humans with no venom allergies cannot outright die to a widow’s bite. However, widows do pose a mortal threat to small children and pets. Moreover, even grown adults, who are generally too big to succumb to a widow’s bite, can develop severe symptoms that require medical intervention. If a black widow manages to bite you, you could experience:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rash and itching
  • Swelling

If you experience difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness, seek emergency care right away.

Why Spiders Invade Homes

Unlike other pests, spiders are not reliant on humans. They don’t eat out of our garbage or need our water sources and can get through the winter without us. The primary reason any spider ever comes into your home is that it’s following prey. Spiders eat other common house pests, such as cockroaches, flies, and ants. If your home harbors these types of insects, it could explain the uptick of spider activity on your property.

Simple And Effective Spider And Pest Prevention Tips

If you want to keep all spiders out of your home, you’ll need to make your home a more hostile environment to spiders and keep their prey away.

To keep spiders out of your home, here are the measures to take:

  • Cover all trash at all times to avoid attracting spider prey.
  • Seal off potential entry points for both spiders and their prey.
  • Clear clutter to reduce spider hiding spots.
  • Trim back tree limbs and shrubbery to reduce wood contact with your home’s exterior.
  • Sweep away cobwebs wherever you find them.
  • Fill gaps in doorways and windowsills with weather stripping.

The Trick To Total Pest Control For Jacksonville Homes

If you already have an infestation, the best way to get rid of spiders in your home is by calling in the pros. Spiders will always find a way to get where they want to get, so having a pest control plan in place to get rid of spider attractants can encourage arachnids to move on. The good news is the best pest control in Jacksonville is just a click or call away. Contact us here at Trad’s Pest Control if you’re ready to take back control of your home from pesky spiders and their even peskier prey.