Termites. Just hearing this name might make you cringe as you imagine the destruction these pests can cause, and there are many good reasons to worry about encountering termites around your property. Termites in Jacksonville can damage a wide variety of structural elements around your home, and they can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. To keep your property safe, knowing how to control termites is key.

Keep in mind that termites do play an important role in the environment as they are responsible for breaking down dead wood and other organic matter. It’s just when they invade homes and businesses that they are bad news.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are interesting pests because they don’t all look the same. They have colonies in which different members play different roles, similar to how bees operate. The worker and soldier termites do not have wings and rarely leave the tunnels and nests. While you’re not as likely to see them, they are a whitish color with darker heads and resemble the body shape of ants.

You can identify termite swarmers, on the other hand, by the fact that they will sometimes leave the nest to reproduce and find new places to build colonies. They do have wings and are a dark brown or black color.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Termite Problem?

Termites are one of the most difficult pests to identify. They can be living inside your property for months or even longer without you realizing it because they tunnel through wooden items. They could be living in the walls and throughout your property, doing constant damage. Knowing signs of their presence can help identify termites earlier on and minimize this damage.

Some signs of termite activity include:

  • Floorboards that squeak and buckle
  • Doors and windows fitting tightly in their frames
  • Piles of something that looks like sawdust or wood pellets but is actually termite excrement known as frass
  • Mud tubes along exterior walls or foundation

Unfortunately, however, the main signs of termites occur after damage has already been done. So, the most effective way to protect your property is with annual termite inspections. These inspections are the most reliable way to catch termites early on before much damage has been done.

Why Trying To Remove Termites On Your Own Isn’t Effective

When people notice that termites are living around their home or business, they often try to remove them using DIY methods. Sometimes, products found at the store, such as insecticides or baits, are used. While these products might seem like they would work, they aren’t entirely effective.

Termites are truly one of the most invasive pests around, and this isn’t an exaggeration. You might be able to eliminate some termites using at-home or over-the-counter options, but these options will rarely eradicate the full infestation.

Get Immediate Help With Termite Issues

If you’ve spotted signs of termites in your property, or you want to ensure you protect your property from termite damage, give the pest control experts at Trad’s Pest Control a call today.

Our technicians provide trustworthy and safe termite control options that will eliminate the infestations while keeping you and others around you protected from the potential side effects of DIY treatments. To get started or to learn more, contact us today online or over the phone.