There are over 4,500 cockroach species in the world. Out of all those cockroaches, only about 30 species are considered pests. Guess which one has the greatest distribution of any other roach? Yup, you guessed it. The German cockroach. If you have these roaches in your home, you’re going to have trouble getting rid of them. Today, we’re going to share some German cockroach facts that are connected to Jacksonville cockroach control, tell you how to get rid of cockroaches naturally, and take a look at what products work to control them. How does that sound? Great. Let’s get into it.

These roaches are strongly associated with human dwellings and man-made structures. This close dependency on humans has led to many confrontations between German cockroaches and people. From these confrontations, this roach species has adapted to the threat we present to them. Here are two German cockroach facts every Jacksonville resident should know.

  • When a cockroach is exposed to a chemical agent, it may shed its skin and develop a new skin that will shield them better. This alteration is genetic. Offspring that come from this genetically altered cockroach will have a tolerance to the chemical agent. All German cockroach populations have some resistance to chemicals because we’ve used a lot of products to exterminate them.
  • When cockroaches discover a food source that is dangerous, they may alter their taste receptors to reject the food source. This genetic alteration is passed on to offspring. For this reason, some German cockroach populations are born with bait aversion. When applying bait, it is necessary to determine what the roaches in your home are willing to take.
German cockroach in a living room

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Naturally

When it comes to using natural methods to control roaches in Jacksonville, you’ll get the most benefits from applying these methods to German cockroaches. Natural roach control overlooks the chemical resistance and bait aversion of roaches. Here’s how it works:

  • Deep clean. A German cockroach nest is most likely to be found in places where there is oil, food debris, and decaying juices. This might be the side of your oven or behind your oven. Pulling appliances out and doing a deep clean can make a big difference.
  • Clean drains. Roaches can find a food source in your drains.
  • Clean dishes as you dirty them. Keep in mind that roaches are likely to be able to get into your dishwasher. Your dirty dishes aren’t safe in there. You also need to be aware that wiping food off isn’t enough.
  • Clean your pantry and protect pantry foods. You’re likely to find a German cockroach nest in your pantry because there are food particles. These roaches also feed on cardboard and paper. This can give them access to unprotected foods. It is best to store these food items in sealed plastic containers.
  • Manage your trash. Make sure all trash is in sealed containers and routinely remove your trash.
  • Address any moisture issues in your home, such as leaking faucets, showerheads, or garbage disposals.
  • Address humidity. Use your fan when taking a shower and consider purchasing dehumidifiers for areas of your home that stay humid.
  • Declutter your home. These roaches thrive in cluttered environments.
  • Seal exterior entry points and gaps that roaches can use to go in and out of wall voids, such as spaces around the pipes underneath your kitchen sink. A caulking gun is a good tool for this.

When you control food and water resources, you’ll stunt population growth, reduce the risk of cockroach-related diseases, and possibly convince the roaches in your home to seek a better feeding ground.


German Cockroach Treatment

There are factors that can make it more difficult to address a German cockroach infestation. If these roaches are finding hidden food and water sources, you won’t have complete success with natural control methods. This is when it is necessary to use control products. What works to control German cockroaches? It is a multi-pronged strategy that may include inspections, bait, clean-outs, dust products, monitoring, sticky traps, and more. A German cockroach treatment is best performed by a licensed pest control applicator due to the reasons we discussed above. When synthetic products or baits are used, they must be properly evaluated to determine whether or not they are having an impact.

Professional Cockroach Control In Jacksonville

If you live in the Jacksonville area, remember that the service team here at Trad’s Pest Control is always ready to assist you with any pest problems you’re having, including cockroaches. Our technicians are licensed, certified, and thorough. We’ll track down the roaches in your property and guide you toward the right solution for your specific needs and budget. Connect with us today to learn more about our Jacksonville pest control options. We have the answers you’ve been looking for!