Forget ghouls – if there’s one pest you don’t want haunting your Jacksonville home, it’s the ghost ant or black-headed ant. But what are ghost ants, and what attracts ghost ants?

Here’s everything that Jacksonville homeowners should know about identifying ghost ants, the problems they may cause in homes, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of ghost ants with pest control in Jacksonville.

Is This a Ghost Ant?

Ghost ants get their name for a reason. Growing up to 1.5mm in length, most of a ghost ant’s body is translucent white, including their antennae, legs, gaster, and pedicel.

Only the head and thorax of the ghost ant have darker coloring, giving the appearance that these ants disappear and reappear when they’re scurrying across countertops.

Some homeowners may confuse ghost ants with Pharaoh ants since they both have light coloring. However, Pharaoh ants have pale yellow bodies and two nodes on the pedicel.

It’s also possible to mistake ghost ants for odorous house ants because of their similar sizes, but odorous house ants are entirely brown and do not have white legs or bodies.

The Problems Ghost Ants Bring To Your Jacksonville Home

Ghost ants on your Jacksonville property can cause all sorts of problems, especially as a nuisance pest. Ghost ants are small enough to invade homes through the tiniest cracks and crevices and may start building colonies in wall voids or other areas of your home.

Because ghost ants have translucent coloring, they can be harder to spot from a distance, making it easy for ghost ants to climb on counters or walk across tables and potentially contaminate your food sources.

Are ghost ants dangerous? Besides contaminating your food, ghost ants are one of the few ant species capable of transmitting bacteria when they crawl across surfaces where you prepare or eat food; eating this contaminated food could make you or someone in your house sick.

These ants rarely bite or sting people, and their bite isn’t medically dangerous to humans unless you’re allergic. For many Jacksonville homeowners, the hardest part of dealing with ghost ants in your home is getting rid of them. As the infestation grows, ghost ants may create multiple colonies in different nesting locations of your home, which can make them even harder to control.

How To Prevent a Ghost Ant Reinfestation

Whether you’ve already fought off ghost ants or you want to avoid dealing with these pests in the future, here’s how you can prevent ghost ants in your kitchen and home:

  • Use caulk or a similar sealant to block off any cracks or crevices around your home. If you’re not sure where to look, check for signs of ant trails leading into your home.
  • Get rid of yard debris around your property, like brush piles, branches, or leaves, as ghost ants may try to nest under these things.
  • Get rid of leftovers or other food sources sitting out in your home, as this can attract ghost ants into your house.
  • Use garbage cans and bags that don’t leak or have holes, and be sure to empty these bags regularly.
  • Get rid of excess moisture or drainage issues around your Jacksonville property, including leaky pipes, faucets, or obstructed gutters.
  • Check for tree branches or shrubs that may be touching the side of your house, and give ghost ants a pathway inside.
  • Clean up liquid spills and wash dirty dishes promptly.

Along with the tips above, working with a professional pest control company can help prevent ghost ant infestations and other pest issues around your home.

The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Ghost Ants

You can take steps to prevent ghost ants in Jacksonville, but the easiest way to deal with an existing infestation is by working with Trad’s Pest Control experts. With over fifty years of experience working in the pest control industry and combating pests like the ghost ant, our family-owned and operated company offers effective pet, kid, and eco-friendly solutions.

If you have ghost ants haunting your Jacksonville home, or you’re dealing with another type of ant, there’s only one easy, effective solution. Contact Trad’s Pest Control today for a free estimate of our ghost ant control services or to learn more about how you can protect your home from these pests.