Mosquitoes are a literal pain in the neck. They can ruin any outdoor event by torturing you and your family in their never-ending search for a blood meal. Trying to get rid of these pests on your own is a losing battle; if they find your Jacksonville yard to their liking, you will have a major problem on your hands. Learn about ways to keep mosquitoes away, the diseases you can get from mosquitoes, and how partnering with Trad’s Pest Control, the best pest control in Jacksonville, can return your yard to the mosquito-free haven it once was.

How To Identify A Mosquito

Mosquitos in Jacksonville are mostly gray, with white, silver, green, or iridescent blue scales. They are ¼ to 3/8 of an inch long and have a narrow, oval shape. Female mosquitoes are the most problematic since they are the ones that bite us and feed on our blood. They are most active in warm, humid weather, making Jacksonville a place where their population can reach unmanageable levels.

How Mosquitoes Spread Dangerous Diseases

There are many diseases you can get from mosquitoes. Since female mosquitoes feed on a variety of hosts, they are likely to acquire various disease-causing pathogens from them, spreading them to the next human or animal they decide to feed on. Among the diseases you can get from mosquitoes are:

  • West Nile virus
  • Encephalitis
  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • Yellow fever
  • Chikungunya

These diseases can cause serious health issues, so discovering the best way to control mosquitoes in your Jacksonville yard will be the best way to ensure you and your family are not in danger of contracting any of them.

How To Reduce Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Your Yard

There are ways to keep mosquitoes away from your yard that may help prevent an infestation. These prevention strategies will help make your yard less attractive to these unwanted pests:

  • Make sure your yard has good drainage and isn’t retaining rainwater that can become stagnant.
  • Repair any leaky outdoor fixtures and air conditioners that allow water to gather under them.
  • Keep your gutters clear and free from debris that can cause water to collect.
  • Store containers upside down so they do not collect rainwater.
  • Always empty and refill birdbaths, pet water bowls, and wading pools.
  • Maintain your lawn by keeping the grass cut short and the bushes trimmed, so mosquitoes don’t use these areas as resting spots.

These prevention tips should help in keeping the mosquito population down in your yard; if they seem to be multiplying in spite of your best efforts, partnering with the professionals at Trad’s Pest Control will provide you with the Jacksonville pest control you need to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them out.

The Most Effective Mosquito Control For Jacksonville Yards

Mosquitoes in Jacksonville can spread diseases and turn your yard into a breeding ground if left unchecked. The experts at Trad’s Pest Control know the best way to control mosquitoes so you don’t have to. Our highly trained mosquito control professionals will inspect your property, searching for areas of your yard that attract mosquitoes. They will then perform the effective home pest control treatments necessary to eliminate mosquito adults, larvae, and breeding sites from your Jacksonville property. Since 1971, we have built a strong reputation of integrity, generosity, service, and customer commitment throughout the Jacksonville area. We are family-run, quality-focused, and offer friendly, professional service. Learn more about our proactive and effective mosquito control services by giving us a call today so we can get rid of mosquitoes in your yard for good.