Humans have had a fear of spiders for as long as both have been existing together. The eight glassy eyes and the long, skinny legs of these creepy pests have given rise to countless myths and legends across many different cultures. Despite the vast differences among the many different human populations across the world and across time, it seems many of us have one instinct in common — the fear of spiders.

While there are certainly several venomous species of spiders that pose a direct threat to the health and safety of humans, the good news is that the majority of spiders we come across in our homes are actually harmless. However, even though most spiders are not venomous, they still have the potential to bite humans, leaving red, inflamed skin that is itchy and otherwise extremely uncomfortable. It would seem that the best setup would be for spiders to remain outside our homes, spinning their webs in trees instead. This leaves us with an important question — why are spiders attracted to our Jaclsonville homes in the first place?

Why Spiders Enter Our Homes

Here in Jacksonville, there are several different species of spiders milling about outside, trying to gain access to the indoors of our homes and businesses. While the indoors would provide spiders with easy access to food, water, and shelter, there are many reasons a spider might try to make itself at home in your home:

  1. Clutter: Due to their tiny size, spiders are excellent hiders, and thrive in cluttered spaces, like your attic or garage.
  2. Uncleanliness: Spiders love anything that is dusty, dirty, and generally unclean. All bugs tend to prefer uncleanliness, so where there are bugs to eat, there will be spiders not far behind, hunting.
  3. Easy access to food: If your home hasn’t been properly maintained to prevent other types of insects from invading your home, then your home will be like a family-friendly diner, eagerly waving in all different kinds of spiders.

Preventing Spiders And Other Insects From Entering Your Home

There are dozens of reasons spiders try to gain access to the indoors. Fortunately, there are just as many ways for us to prevent spiders and the pests they prey on from sneaking into our homes.

  • Limit lighting: While spiders don’t particularly enjoy the light, their prey does. Areas with lots of lighting will attract other types of insects, which will, in turn, attract the spiders.
  • Clean: Sweep away existing cobwebs throughout your attic, basement, and garage. Wipe up dust and dirt and maintain the cleanliness of your home. Ensure to clear away clutter and better organize your items, so spiders don’t want to hide among them. Properly dispose of all garbage and remove it from your home promptly.
  • Seal up your house: Trad’s Pest Control can apply our expert knowledge of spider and insect behavior and ensure that all possible entryways have been properly sealed up, which will prevent insects from entering, and prevent spiders from following them into your home.

How Trad’s Pest Control Can Help You

Trad’s Pest Control here in Jacksonville, FL, knows how busy life can get. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant cleaning and organizing that is needed to prevent other insects and spiders from invading our homes. That’s where Trad’s Pest Control comes in.

Trad’s Pest Control has many years of experience in the prevention and extermination of many different kinds of pests, including spiders. We understand how much you love your home, and how dealing with spider infestations can make the journey of being a homeowner that much more difficult. Luckily for Jacksonville homeowners, you are not alone in this battle.

If you are seeing an increase of spiders or other insects in your home or garage, call Trad’s Pest Control. One of our friendly staff will give you a prompt, free quote, and expert technicians will be dispatched to your home to exterminate existing pests, and implement measures to ensure spiders do not return.