Termites are a pest species that are particularly unloved here in Jacksonville, costing homeowners more than five billion dollars per year.

As the spring season approaches faster than we realize, termite swarmers will be gearing up to repopulate friendly habitats – potentially including your home!

Let’s learn more about the signs and symptoms of termite damage and what you should do when a termite infestation is found.

Why It’s Hard To Spot Termite Problems From The Beginning

Termites are insects that make no noise, are difficult to see, and are rarely spotted during the daytime. For this reason, they are some of the most problematic pests to undercover in their earliest stages.

It is imperative to be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of their presence. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Checking the home for any termites during the active spring spawning season
  • Receiving annual professional inspections from a local provider such as Trad’s Pest Control
  • Applying termite monitoring and bait stations around the premises

Let’s take a closer look at the many danger signs of termites in Jacksonville.

The Many Signs Of Termite Damage In Jacksonville

Whether or not you have experience looking for the danger signs of termites, it’s best to start with some of the most apparent signs and symptoms. If you are concerned that some things are flying under the radar, or if you cannot see problems without professional-grade infrared, please reach out to Trad’s Pest Control immediately.

Before you jump into treatment solutions, check your home for termite problems with these helpful tips and signs:

  • Thin sawdust or frass piles near windows, doors, and other entry points.
  • Windows and doors that seem to fit too tight or appear to be stuck when interacted with.
  • Termite bodies, including alates, piled up near doors and windows.
  • Finding shed termite wings on the inside of the home.
  • Rambling mud tunnels that wind through the interior of your home or business.

Termite damage can take many forms, from tight-fitting windows and doors to frass piles and sagging walls. Contact Trad’s Pest Control for fast residential termite treatment if you suspect that termites are in your building.

Save Time, Money, And Your Home With Termite Treatments From Trad’s Pest Control

There’s no question that a termite infestation could be devastating to your home or business. Not only do these pests create an enormous amount of damage within your building, but they have the potential to weaken its most important elements as well structurally. If you have any suspicions that termites are anywhere near your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professional agents behind Trad’s Pest Control.

Since 1971, our founders have focused on a single mission: protecting, empowering, and equipping Jacksonville residents to live better lives. When termites come calling, don’t waste precious time and money trying to make things right. Choose to call the pros at Trad’s Pest Control for fast home pest control and commercial pest control treatments in Jacksonville now and in the future!