Nobody wants to wake in the middle of the night to get a glass of water only to discover a cockroach scurrying across their kitchen floor. Even if you keep your home pristine, cockroaches can still find their way inside and find a viable food source that will give them the nutrients they need to continue to reproduce.

For homeowners who are having a problem with American cockroaches, Periplaneta americana, there are ways to get rid of them fast. However, it takes some knowledge to properly identify these pesky insects as you research the ways to eliminate them from your residence. American cockroaches are less than an inch, reddish-brown in color, with large, thin wings. It moves using its long, thin legs.

American cockroaches are prolific pests found throughout the country. They prefer warmer climates making Florida an ideal place for them to call home.

Cockroaches are prolific pests. Though pesticides can deter the American cockroach from laying then hatching its eggs, cockroaches are resilient and often develop an immunity to pesticides over time. Furthermore, they will lay eggs in any place where they can find water – in basements, bathrooms, or other dank areas like sewer systems. The American Cockroach takes 600 days to complete the process that begins with laying its eggs to a full adult.

The Health Risks American Cockroaches Can Create In Your Home

There are many health risks associated with the American cockroach. Unfortunately, for homeowners or business owners with American cockroach infestations, the insect can cause E. Coli outbreaks, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and more.

The American cockroach is also known for contaminating food, causing asthma and allergies based on what they carry on their bodies, especially their long legs. The American cockroach is known for crawling through sewage and disease-covered particles, which can be transferred directly onto food or surfaces where food is located. Because the American cockroach can carry so many potential microbes that can cause disease, the sooner that homeowners can eliminate them, the better.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your House

It can be hard to get rid of cockroaches in your house for a variety of reasons: 

  • They are prolific breeders. A female cockroach lays 16 eggs at a time and can lay up to 18 egg sacs in a lifetime. Those numbers really add up!
  • They are sensitive to light. Therefore, American cockroaches will live and breed in the dark, damp areas of your home, making them hard to find and eliminate.
  • Repellants and poisons don’t always work. Not only are they protected by an exoskeleton, but all roach species are highly adaptable. They develop immunity to cockroach control methods over time.

Fortunately, our team of professionals at Trad’s Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to rid cockroaches from your Jacksonville home. We make sure our treatment methods are up-to-date and effective so that we can safely and completely remove cockroaches from your home.

The Trick To Total Cockroach Elimination In Your Jacksonville Home

Getting rid of cockroaches in the home requires professionals to evaluate your unique situation fully. Furthermore, our team of professionals offers year-round pest control plans that ensure that these nasty pests stay out of your home for good.  To learn more about our cockroach control options and schedule your free inspection, reach out to us today!