Fleas are a more common pest problem in Jacksonville than most people realize. They are so small that they can easily hide throughout a home, or on the fur of pets, so it can take a while before homeowners realize they have an infestation. But, fleas are also surprisingly dangerous, so knowing how to identify fleas in Jacksonville is key.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Fleas are around ⅛ of an inch or less, and they will often only look like flecks of dark dirt in the carpet or on animal fur. They are reddish-brown in color, and they have oval-shaped bodies and large hind legs for jumping. However, there are other signs of flea activity that you might notice before seeing the actual fleas.

Some of the main signs you have fleas include pets that are constantly scratching and biting at their fur, small red bites around your ankles, and finding flea dirt around the home.

What Makes Fleas Dangerous?

Since fleas are a common pest problem and also one that is difficult to identify, many people assume they aren’t that dangerous. But, this isn’t the case. Fleas can carry a variety of illnesses, including bartonella and even the bubonic plague. And, while they don’t actually use humans as hosts, they can still bite us.

Another misconception about fleas is that they only invade homes that have pets. Since fleas often live on animal fur, having pets means your chances of getting flea infestations are higher, and you also have to worry about how fleas can harm the health of your pets. Fleas can spread illnesses to pets, too, and they can also cause sores on their skin from all the biting and scratching at the bite marks.

But, while pets can bring around fleas, they can also be brought onto a property in other ways, such as by rodents or other wildlife, so flea control is important for all residents.

What You Can Do To Prevent Fleas

Because fleas are dangerous pests, taking the time to prevent them is a good idea. Overall, the best way to handle fleas is to address the other pest problems that could bring them around. Here are a few effective tips:

  • Keep rodents out by focusing on cleaning kitchens. Wipe up food and drink spills and regularly do dishes.
  • Make sure that trash cans have tight lids that rodents and other wildlife can’t get into. Remove trash from the yard and take out the garbage often.
  • Clean up your yard often. Get rid of organic debris like leaf litter and grass clippings.
  • If you do have pets, work with a vet to keep them protected from fleas.
  • Store pet food indoors and remove access to any bird feeders to deter wildlife.
  • Contact residential pest control professionals for more assistance with flea control.

Flea Protection Throughout The Year

The most effective way to control fleas and keep yourself and your pets protected is with assistance from your vet and the experts at Trad’s Pest Control. We address the root of the problem by deterring wildlife and rodent populations, and we can also remove any existing flea infestations.

Get started with our ongoing residential pest control plans, or learn more about them by calling us today.