Fleas are high at the top of the list of pests that pet owners dread, and for good reason. Flea bites are extremely itchy and uncomfortable and can cause anything from anemia to life-threatening diseases, as several dangerous diseases can be transmitted by fleas. If you are finding yourself faced with a flea infestation, it is crucial that you learn all about the best way to get rid of fleas. You can learn whether natural ways to get rid of fleas like using diatomaceous earth for fleas or essential oils that repel fleas are actually effective, and find out more about safe, effective options from Trad’s Pest Control.

Do You Have To Have Pets To Have Fleas?

Flea bites are often associated with pets, but a flea infestation can happen whether you have them or not. Perhaps you recently moved into a new home that already had fleas in the carpets, or you might live in close proximity to wildlife that can carry fleas back to you. Some fleas can even travel on human hosts, on their skin, clothes, or shoes. While it is generally more common for fleas to invade through cats and dogs, it is important to learn how to get rid of them regardless, as the bigger the infestation is, the harder it is to get rid of fleas. Fleas can be tricky to get rid of due to their small shape, ability to jump and escape, and their very strong exoskeletons.

What Diseases Can Fleas Transmit To Humans?

If you suspect a flea infestation in your home and are noticing flea bites, it is important to act right away, as fleas can transmit many diseases to humans, including:

  • The bubonic plague: Plague is is transmitted by fleas who bite infected rats.
  • Murine typhus: This disease also happens in rat-infested areas.
  • Tungiasis: This illness is transmitted by the burrowing flea.
  • Tularemia: Tularemia is a potentially dangerous illness that also originates from rats.
  • Allergies: Flea-associated allergies, like asthma and dermatitis, can result from a flea infestation.

Fleas cause more than just an itchy rash; their bite can cause potentially dangerous diseases, and it is imperative that you get rid of an infestation as soon as you notice one.

Do Home Remedies Really Get Rid Of Fleas?

You may have encountered suggestions for natural ways to get rid of fleas, but are they really effective?

  • Food grade diatomaceous earth for fleas sprinkled around your home and where you see fleas may help kill fleas by dehydrating them. This method will only work to kill fleas that come directly in contact with it, and will not eradicate an entire infestation.
  • Some essential oils have shown limited success in repelling fleas, including citronella, cedar, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, and lavender.
  • Boric acid for fleas works similarly to diatomaceous earth, but it is toxic to humans and pets if inhaled or ingested.

These homemade remedies may work if you have a small, isolated flea problem, but will not result in a fully flea-free home, as they are limited in scope and do not address all stages of the flea’s life cycle.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In My House?

If you have a flea infestation in your Jacksonville home, or have seen any fleas in your home or on your pets, contact Trad’s Pest Control. Our experts are trained to get rid of fleas safely and effectively and will give you recommendations based on your situation to avoid future infestation and keep your home free of fleas.