Some ants are harmless, others are just annoying, and a very small portion can be dangerous to human health. This includes the fire ant, an extremely frustrating and prevalent species found in Florida state.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at effective pest control and discover why household do-it-yourself (DIY) tips may not always be enough to get rid of an entire infestation.

The Many Effects Of Fire Ant Stings

Some fire ant species can pinch humans with their pinchers, causing small welts or red spots on the skin. This is relatively harmless and will likely resolve itself within a few hours or a few days.

What the fire ant is most known for is its painful, long-lasting sting. These insects contain a type of toxin in their venom that creates a burning sensation in humans and their pets. Some people liken the sting of a fire ant to that of a bee, although the swelling will be more or less severe according to specific factors.

Some fire ant stings can even be dangerous to specific populations. Those with severe allergies, or those with a known risk for anaphylactic shock, may need to be hospitalized after exposure to a sting.

It’s essential to avoid fire ant stings at all costs.

Why DIY Fire Ant Control Is Not Enough

Some homeowners believe that fire ants will go away on their own or even be mitigated with some online tips and tricks. However, this is not exactly true. Although many fire ants can be stopped before infestation with prevention tips, they cannot be removed by prevention alone.

Vinegar sprays, boiling water, and essential oils help keep ants from coming near your property. Unfortunately, this added pressure on existing ant colonies will cause them to reproduce. Called ‘budding,’ these ants will split into multiple colonies to assure their survival, making them harder and harder to kill.

The fire ant’s ability to disperse and recolonize makes it almost impossible to eliminate without additional assistance. This includes locating and receiving professional fire ant treatments from an agency such as Trad’s Pest Control.

Get Fire Ant Treatments From Trad’s Pest Control

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