It is time to relax when you sink into your recliner to read a book. The last thing you want to distract you while engulfed in your book is the sensation of itching occurring over your body. You feel the need to itch your head, then it’s your arm, and suddenly your back is calling for a scratch. Before you know it, your recliner relaxation is now a scratching festival. You look down at your dog, see that she is scratching, and realize you have fleas in your house.

If fleas are driving you crazy, if you can’t rest at night in your bed, if you are tired of scratching, then you need the Jacksonville pest control services of Trad’s Pest Control. We will eliminate the blood-feeding, annoying fleas from your Jacksonville home.

Why Does My Pet Keep Having Fleas?

Jacksonville is a great place to live for humans, and Florida insects and fleas are no exception. The combination of warm soil and humidity above 50% provides the perfect conditions for fleas to reproduce. When a flea hatches from an egg, it enters the larva stage. During this stage of development, the larva requires high humidity, shade, and soil temperature below 95℉ to survive, and these conditions exist where pets like to rest outdoors.

After the larva stage, the flea enters the pupa stage and resides in a cocoon while it continues to grow over the next couple of weeks. When the flea is ready to emerge as an adult, it waits for a suitable host. When your pet goes to rest in a shaded area, the waiting pupa emerges from its cocoon and jumps onto your pet.

Fleas in your Jacksonville home reside under furniture and pet bedding and reproduce. Like the scenario outdoors, the pupa emerges from their cocoons, latching onto your pet when it lays down or passes nearby.

Can My Pet With Fleas Start A Flea Infestation In My Home?

Female fleas on your pet are constantly feeding and laying eggs. As the pet moves through the house, the eggs fall onto the carpet, bedding, the couch, chair, or wherever the pet likes to relax. In addition to eggs, the feces of adult fleas also fall in the same area providing food for the emerging larva. The larva feed on the droppings (dried blood), enter the pupa stage, and emerge as adults to jump onto the pet and begin the cycle again. If your pet brings fleas into the house, an infestation can quickly develop, which is why you need a flea removal service like Trad’s Pest Control.

How Quick Can Fleas Multiply In My House?

When a female flea emerges from her cocoon and attaches to your pet, she starts consuming its blood. After two days of eating, she lays her first batch of eggs. In less than two weeks after her first batch of eggs, she produces an average of 27 eggs per day — and that is just one female flea! Because fleas multiply quickly in Jacksonville homes, homeowners require immediate flea pest control before the infestation becomes overwhelming.

What Can I Do To Protect My Family And Me From Fleas?

You need a flea exterminator near you in the Jacksonville area to save your family from a flea invasion. Trad’s Pest Control will stop fleas from ruining a relaxing evening in your home.

For over 50 years, we have eliminated bugs in Florida from houses and properties. We have the experience, tools, and trained professionals to eradicate fleas from your home. Contact us today and set up an inspection. Don’t spend another day in misery from fleas.