Trad’s Garden Center CLOSED — FAQ

Trad’s Still Offers The Best Pest Control in The Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area

Trad’s Garden Center changed hands and was acquired by Liberty Landscape Supply on November 1, 2019. Under Liberty’s ownership, the garden center remains an independent, family-owned fixture in the Northeast Florida community.

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Q: Will this affect my pest control services with Trad’s?

A: No. Although the Garden Center has changed hands, nothing will change with your lawn treatments, household pest control or termite service — Trad’s Pest Control will remain fully owned by the Trad family under the leadership of Betty and Lou Trad’s daughter, Denise Trad Wartan.

Q: Will current Trad’s Pest Control customers still receive a discount at the Garden Center?

A: Yes, through November 1, 2020

Q: Will the new garden center management still offer a wide variety of plants that are ideal for Northeast Florida’s climate?

A: Yes! We will offer an even larger plant inventory, plus beautiful pottery, online ordering, an expanded delivery area, design and installation services.

Q: Will Liberty Landscape Supply still offer educational and entertaining programming in the garden center?

A: Yes! You will continue to enjoy programming, seminars, tours, and classes related to plants, their health, potting, and more. Some will be scheduled, and others are available by request. Please contact the Liberty Landscape Supply team for more information.

Q: Will Christmas trees be available?

A: Yes, our famous Christmas trees will be available this season, so order yours early!

Thank you for your continued trust in Trad’s! If you have any questions please contact us.