Plenty of myths about flea control can confuse you and make fighting a flea infestation more difficult. A significant part of learning how to get rid of fleas in Jacksonville is understanding the truth behind this pest. Our article and the assistance of Jacksonville pest control can help you out.

Fleas: Facts and Identification

It is essential to identify a flea, especially if you suspect that this pest is tormenting you or those around your property. Below, we list several facts about fleas and some tips that you can use to identify this pest with:

  • Fleas only grow to around 0.13 of an inch in length and are typically dark brown or reddish-brown in color.
  • Fleas have six legs that they can use to jump up to thirteen inches at a time, a skill that allows them to evade danger.
  • Unlike other similar-looking pests such as bed bugs, fleas will live in (and lay their eggs in) the fur of your pets, on your clothing, or in fabrics found around your property.
  • Fleas leave behind flea dirt, which appears as tiny coffee grounds and turns reddish when touched by water.

These facts and distinctive traits of fleas can help you identify whether or not this pest is invading your home. If you need more help with pest identification or suspect a flea infestation is taking place, you should contact Trad’s Pest Control as soon as possible.

Do Fleas Die Without A Host?

Fleas need to bite mammals, either humans or animals and drink blood to survive. Without a viable host, fleas will die off within a few days up to two weeks. However, waiting for fleas to die off by themselves around your property is not a very viable treatment plan – you would have to abandon your home completely. There is no guarantee that the fleas won’t find another host until you return.

You should contact Trad’s Pest Control for assistance long before you consider vacating your home due to fleas.

Is It True That Fleas Burrow Under Skin?

Some flea species can burrow under their host’s skin, but the most well-known species for doing this- sand fleas- are unlikely to be the same species that invade your home. You are most likely to encounter the cat flea around Jacksonville, and this flea species is an external parasite. It won’t burrow under the skin to feed but will instead bite the skin to drink blood. This bite and the flea’s saliva cause the itchy, irritating sensation on your skin and may even trigger a flea allergy in some people or pets.

Don’t Let Fleas Take Over Your Home

It is essential to get rid of fleas before this pest takes over your home and becomes even more challenging to eradicate. In addition to working with your veterinarian to ensure the protection of any pets around your property from fleas, you should reach out to Trad’s Pest Control at the first sign of this pest.

With the help of our expert pest control professionals, we can identify any flea problem around your home and provide targeted treatment solutions. We make sure that our high-quality liquid flea treatment eliminates flea populations around your property and keeps your home safe from this pest, no matter what.