The paper wasp is a common stinging insect in our area that serves an essential ecological role as a pollinator and predator of other pesky insects, named after the paper-like material they construct their hives. Although paper wasps are usually benign, they can become a big problem when building their nests near people’s property.

Unlike bees, wasp’s stingers don’t detach after use, which means they’re much more able to use them. Their territorial nature makes wasp prevention a near necessity in some cases. That’s why we at Trad’s Pest Control have put together this handy guide to wasp pest control in Jacksonville. Read on to learn everything you need to know about pesky paper wasps, including how to prevent them from becoming a problem.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

Paper wasps are simply the many different types of wasps that construct nests out of pulped wood fibers. They have the usual features of any flying insect; segmented bodies, six legs, two antennae, and a pair of wings. Generally about 3/4 of an inch long, paper wasps can be brown, yellow, or red, with various markings of similar colors.

A paper wasp nest looks similar to an open umbrella, somewhat small but always a dull gray color with visible hexagonal cells. They’ll usually construct their nests somewhere up high, often nestled in trees or other foliage, but sometimes they end up building in some inconvenient locations.

How Dangerous Are Paper Wasps?

The territorial nature of these insects often makes wasp removal a necessity. A single paper wasp isn’t necessarily dangerous unless you’re allergic to its sting, but if you accidentally disturb a nest, you risk the wrath of the swarm. Paper wasps won’t hesitate to defend what they perceive as their territory, and if they happen to have built their nest too close to your home, it can lead to some unfortunate encounters.

If you notice a wasp nest anywhere on your property, you should never attempt to remove it yourself. Prevention is often the best defense, but where should one start?

Five Paper Wasp Prevention Tips

Wasp control in Jacksonville begins with proper prevention measures. Because of how hazardous it can be to attempt removing a wasp’s nest on your own, it’s better to make your yard less appealing to these territorial stinging insects in the first place.

With how commonplace they are in our area, it can be a challenge, but you can do a few things. Here are five paper wasp prevention tips for Jacksonville homeowners:

  1. Trim foliage regularly to deny nesting material
  2. Eliminate excess moisture
  3. Clean spills and crumbs promptly
  4. Dispose of garbage securely
  5. Partner with a professional

Wasps are opportunistic foragers, which means the main factors attracting them to your yard are easy access to food, water, and shelter. By keeping your outdoor areas generally clean and clutter-free, you can make them much less attractive to wasps and other pests.

Partnering with a professional alongside these proven steps will guarantee comprehensive wasp control. Better to be safe than sorry; call today and partner with Trad’s Pest Control.

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control

The best way to get rid of wasps in Jacksonville is to contact professionals. If you’re noticing an abundance of wasps buzzing about your yard, it could indicate the presence of a nest nearby.

Instead of risking a painful swarm-full of stings by removing it yourself, reach out to our experts at Trad’s Pest Control for fast, safe and effective service. Our trained technicians come equipped with the tools and techniques you need for a wasp-free property. Call us now and rely on the best wasp control service.