Cockroaches are a common problem in many Jacksonville homes. They’re disgusting and carry many harmful diseases.

Some of these diseases are campylobacteriosis, gastroenteritis, leprosy, and salmonellosis. Granted, you can eliminate these dangerous pests yourself, but it won’t be as effective. The wisest move is to call Jacksonville pest control to get rid of them.

Water Bugs Vs Cockroaches: Identification Tips

Waterbugs and cockroaches are not so difficult to tell apart. Here are some straightforward ways that you can use to tell which of the two you’re dealing with:

  • The easiest way to identify these critters is by their size. Although they’re both oval-shaped, large, and brown, water bugs are typically bigger than cockroaches. Adult waterbugs are approximately 2-4 inches longer than adult cockroaches.
  • Waterbugs are attracted to light, while cockroaches prefer coming out in darkness- mostly at night.
  • Waterbugs bite when provoked but don’t transmit any diseases to human beings. On the contrary, they’re helpful since they prey on other unwanted insects like mosquitoes. Roaches spread infections even without biting.
  • Cockroaches have a darker, more reddish-brown hue, while water bugs are medium brown.
  • Water bugs, as the name suggests, live in water. Meanwhile, cockroaches live on wooden surfaces like cabinets and cupboards.

Don’t take any chances when you see massive cockroaches in your home. Call a cockroach control expert as soon as you do. Remember, the more you delay, the more prone you and your family are to deadly diseases.

Five Tips To Prevent American Cockroaches

Roaches are known to be hardcore pests that don’t die fast. Luckily, you can use these pointers to keep them from appearing or multiplying in your home if you wonder what keeps cockroaches away:

  1. Always keep your house clean and tidy. Wipe surfaces with a disinfectant, sweep the floors, and mop regularly.
  2. Fix all leaky pipes and faucets. Use a dehumidifier to keep things dry inside your house, as well.
  3. Dispose of your trash properly and regularly. You should also seal all food items in airtight containers.
  4. Seal all cracks and crevices in your space.
  5. As much as possible, keep your house free of clutter. One of the characteristics of cockroaches is they love places where they can hide and multiply.

How Serious Is This American Cockroach Infestation?

An American roach infestation is very serious. When they infest your home, there will be some serious trouble. They can cause allergies and asthma, spread diseases, and even infect your food.

They can collect germs on their bodies and legs as they crawl through sewage or decaying matter. Then, they will shift these germs onto food surfaces or food.

Cockroach Elimination For Homes And Apartments In Jacksonville

The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches is by calling pest control experts like Trad’s Pest Control. We’re located in Jacksonville, Florida, and are efficient and professional in our services. The first step we’ll take is inspecting your entire Jacksonville house for the critters- both inside and outside.

Once our inspection is over, we’ll perform proper pest elimination depending on the season and your specific pest pressures. Our professional cockroach remedy is harmful to roaches but harmless to you and your family.

And we don’t stop there. We carry out frequent follow-up treatments on a quarterly schedule to ensure your home is completely free of roaches at all times. Get in touch with us now to begin cockroach elimination in your home.