A dangerous parasite that can cause many problems, fleas are some of the least loved insects in the Jacksonville area.

Although they are extremely small, fleas can be seen by the naked eye. Itchy bites, red marks, and ‘flea dirt’ around pet hair are just a few minor signs of their presence.

How did fleas get into your Jacksonville home, and is there anything you can do to get them out? Find out more about Trad’s Pest Control and our tips and tricks below.

Where Fleas In Jacksonville Actually Come From

Fleas generally come from wildlife and rodent species that are hanging around the yard. Pets can certainly pick them up while out and about and quickly introduce them into the home. However, even homes without pets can pick up fleas.

Homes with high grass, vegetation near the sides of the house, and other large bushes may also struggle with frequent flea issues. Although trimming trees and practicing good yard maintenance can help, it isn’t always enough to remove rooted flea issues.

All The Ways To Prevent Fleas From Starting In The Home

Because flea problems can stem from many sources, it’s a good idea to cover all your bases. Check out all the ways to prevent fleas from starting in the home below:

  • The most significant point on this list is to address any rodent or wildlife problems that could be carriers near your home. Check to see if rats, mice, raccoons, or other furry mammals have made their way to your property. If they have, consider whether or not they may be active inside your home.
  • Clear away any yard debris that may act as a repository for flea species. This means raking leaves, burning brush, and otherwise getting rid of leaf piles that could be providing moisture, shade, and food.
  • Finally, it’s crucial to treat your pets for the signs of pest activity continuously. Flea prevention services may take many forms, including collars, oral medications, or even topical ointments. It’s a good idea to confer with your veterinarian about suitable options for your pet.

If you are still concerned about the potential of a flea infestation in Jacksonville, you don’t need to fight the battle on your own. Learn more by contacting Trad’s Pest Control.

Trad’s Pest Control Offers Flea Protection At A Glance

Finding, identifying, and removing flea species from home is not for the faint of heart. These creatures are tough to locate and may even be impossible to exterminate without serious product applications completely. Flea eggs are not destroyed by the same products that affect adults, creating a breeding cycle that continuously affects your home, pets, and loved ones.

All this changes with help from Trad’s Pest Control. We have been serving Jacksonville’s home and business owners for many years and have everything it takes to find and destroy fleas right where they are. For more flea prevention tips regarding your Jacksonville property or for a control program that meets your needs, don’t hesitate to contact the flea experts behind Trad’s Pest Control.